Why we install fire rated loft hatches

We take safety very seriously when it comes to renovating our properties, which is why we install the best in terms of fire and co2 detection. Many of our properties also have consumer units that surpass existing British Standards.

We also go a little further by installing fire rated loft hatches into every property we renovate – why? Because we believe that all of our properties should offer the very best in protective and preventative measures, but also the very best in comfort for the families who live in them. This approach means that our finished properties are highly sought after by tenants and provide a bankable ROI for our investors.

What are fire rated loft hatches?

Currently, there are no regulations in the UK surrounding the mandatory installation of fire rated loft hatches in buy to let properties.  Instead, the regulations for loft hatches in two storey dwellings set out the minimum standards for insulation properties (Part L) to maintain acceptable U values, and to prevent moist air entering the roof void.

Like a standard loft hatch, a fire rated loft hatch provides safe and easy access to the loft area, but with the added benefit of either 30 or 60 minutes protection from the spread of fire. In addition they are insulated and air tight, so there is no loss of heat from the property into the roof void – helping to keep energy bills down for our tenants.

Why is safety important to My Ambition Properties?

We put safety at the forefront of everything we do because we want our tenants to be able to live in our properties knowing that they have the best prevention and detection available – keeping them and their families as safe as possible.
Our model of property investment means that we take below market value properties in a targeted area and refurbish them to a high standard. Housing stock in our target area of South Wales tends to be old terraced houses where roof voids may be shared with neighbouring properties. This can present a small risk that fire may spread from a neighbouring property via the loft, especially if existing firebreaks are not robust, but out of our control of maintaining.
By installing fire rated loft hatches we are slowing down the spread of fire and providing a greater level of safety to our tenants and neighbours.

Invest in property the My Ambition Properties way

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is designed for illustrative purposes. Health and Safety as well as Building Regulations will vary from one country to another and over a period of time. Advice regarding relevant building regulations and health & safety standards should be sought by a registered professional. My Ambition Properties Limited accepts no liability for any loss, damage or injury to persons or property as a result of the information contained within this article.
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