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How to invest in property without buying a house

We actively seek out properties that we know have the potential to deliver great ROI for our investors.

Photo: Landing at Major Street

About us

We are experienced UK property investors and developers based in the south of England. As well as tapping into traditional streams of lending, we also work with private investors who recognise that our easy route to property investing gives a better return on interest rates currently offered by the banks.

We enable you to invest in property without having to buy a house, undertake any refurbishments or engage in tenant management.

We utilise our experience to buy properties at some of the best prices on the market before undertaking a full, high quality refurbishment in order to command a high rental yield. This means that we offer our investors an annual return of 8%, which far outperforms a variety of consumer investments.
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* Highest savings rate if taking out a 5 year Fixed Term Deposit (Source: – 10 March 2023)

What is our property investment strategy?

Entrance at Major Street
Our strategy is simple

Why invest with us?

Easy investing is what we aim to deliver. If you have asked yourself how to invest in property with little money, without having to deal with the stress that the purchase process and renovation entails, you should get in touch.

We are open and transparent, providing regular updates on the renovation progress. Many of our investors choose to be hands-off, but we are always happy to arrange an on-site or virtual meeting for any investor keen to see progress of the refurb.

We also send out regular photo updates so you can see what work we are doing.

The main benefit of investing with us is the 8% return on investment on any property we undertake. This far outperforms any high street investments and is paid to you from the first month of our agreement, meaning you start earning straight away. At the 12 month maturity date, you are welcome to reinvest your funds in another project, or walk away – there are no strings attached and no obligations.