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Property investing made simple

My Ambition Properties pays 8% interest on a 12 month property investment, creating beautiful and safe homes for our tenants.

How We Work

The deal must make sense

We are experienced UK property investors who work with a proven team of professionals. All properties are meticulously analysed against a variety of key criteria before purchase.

We create the best homes

We heavily invest in our properties to create the best homes in our investment areas. This gives us access to premium tenants with low tenant turnover.

The highest level of safety

We do not economise on safety. All of our properties include fire / Co2 detection and / or consumer units that surpass British Standards / landlord requirements.
In addition we fit fire safety loft hatches as standard to prevent fires from spreading into loft voids.

Our Ethos

We work meticulously to find and conscientiously renovate properties that we know will deliver optimal results for our investors. Only working with the best property lawyers, RICS surveyors, commercial drone operators, builders and trades people, we demand high standards. Safety is of primary importance, so every property goes above and beyond legal requirements to ensure the safety of our tenants.

Example properties from our portfolio

Portfolio Overview

In addition to a specialist team of lawyers, RICS surveyors and agents,we have dedicated project managers who are highly experienced in the
residential sector. We engage the same build team for each of our properties to ensure that we maintain a consistently high quality of finish.

Photos before Refurb

Photos After Refurb

How we deliver a real return on your property investment

Embarking on a property investment on your own can be a challenge, especially where renovations are required. What if you want to invest in property without having the daily responsibility of managing a project?

This is where we can help. We are highly experienced and professionally trained UK property investors with extensive property knowledge. We utilise our experience to buy properties at some of the best prices on the market before undertaking a full, high quality refurbishment, commanding a high rental yield. This means that we offer all of our investors an annual return of 8%, which far outperforms a variety of consumer investments.



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